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At Maplewood Dog, we offer a range of training aids and supplies to support your training and behavior change goals.  From no-pull harnesses to basket muzzles, our carefully selected items are ones we've had first hand experience with.

Purchasing equipment from us is easy!  Just add the item in the size and color you'd like to your cart, pay through PayPal and once your payment has been recieved, we'll ship your order right out. If you happen to live locally and would prefer to pick up your order in person, select the 'pick up' option for shipping and then contact us to arrange a pick up time. 

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Walking Training Aids

    Easy Walk Harness        Gentle Leader        Sure Fit Harness

    Martingale Collar     Treat Pouch     Hands Free Leash


Safety and Behavior Modification Aids

    Italian Basket Muzzle        Indoor Tether        ThunderShirt       

Easy Walk Harness        Gentle Leader        Sure Fit Harness

    Martingale Collar     Treat Pouch     Hands Free Leash


Fun Stuff!

    Busy Buddy Toys        Puzzle Toys     Treat Pouch    

Easy Walk Harness

Cost: $30 each

Does your adult dog pull on the leash?  Do you find yourself struggling to maintain your loose leash walking criteria all the time?  The Easy Walk Harness is designed with a ring for your leash at the front by your dog's breastbone.  Best for use with adult, fully grown dogs (for younger dogs with developing muscle this may not be the best choice), the Easy Walk Harness encourages dogs to turn toward you, instead of pulling full speed ahead.    Size Chart    Fitting Instruction Video

Sense-ation Harnesses

Cost: $18 each

Simiar to the Easy Walk Harness, Sense-ation Harnesses are another front clip no-pull harness design.  Available in our store only in mini, x-small and small sizes.    Size Chart

Gentle Leader Head Collar         

Cost: $20 each

The Gentle Leader design is one of our favorites and most recommened for dogs who pull on leash, especially those dogs who are environmentally reactive.  The Gentle Leader design helps the human to instantly recognize when their dog is looking at something or starting to pull, enabling the more engaged and training consious human an opportunity to help their dog refocus if needed.  It is very important that the owner take the time to properly introduce and get their dog comfortable wearing a gentle leader. Sizes indicated with wide band are the wide band nose loop style, if size isn't noted with 'wide band' it is the traditional narrow nose loop style.  Size Chart    Fitting Instruction Video

Sure Fit Harness

Cost: $25 each

A versitile and very adjustable harness, the Sure Fit harness has 3 places for possible leash attachment.  Leash clipped on the back ring and you have a traditional tracking style harness, leash clipped on the front ring and you have a no pull option, leash clipped on the upper back ring and you have a non ristrictive harness.  This is one of the most adjustable harnesses we've found, which is great for dogs with odd body shapes or sizes that are difficult to fit.   Size Chart    Fitting Instruction Video

Martingale Collar

Cost: $12 each

Called a Martingale or Limited Slip collar, these collars are the go to for dogs with a history of slipping out of collars or for newly adopted dogs.  Unlike a slip or choke collar, these collars are designed to tighen only enough so the dog cannot get their head fully out of the collar.  Hence the limited slip name.  Because these collars do not have a quick release buckle or snap, they are not recommended for wear when a dog is unsupervised for safety reasons.  All collars are full nylon martingale unless denoted as 'chain' then the limited slip portion is chain and the remainder is nylon webbing.  Size Chart     Fitting Instruction Video

Hands Free Leash

Cost: $15

Hands Free Leashes are fantastic when you have a puppy, newly adopted dog or any other dog who needs a higher degree of supervision in the house.  They are also ideal for times when you want the option to have your dog on leash but aren't able to hold the leash with your hand such as jogging.   

30' Long Line

Cost: $20

Long Lines or Check Cords are essential for walks where your dog can safely enjoy some increased freedom while still being on-leash.  Our 30' bright orange long lines are easy to see, slow to tangle, and rarely get caught in the under brush.  Easy to keep clean and easy for dog's to wear, these long lines are one of our favorite.    

Treat Pouch

Cost: $5

These simple, inexpensive treat pouches are easy to use, hold over a cup of treats or a tennis ball, and quickly clip on the waist band of a pair of pants.  The draw string closure helps keep treats in the pouch and not on the floor.  Colors: Blue or Green

Indoor Tether

Cost: $20

These 3' long indoor tethers are great when you have a puppy or dog who needs extra supervision and confinement in the house.  With a leash clip on either end and plastic coated cable wire, these tethers are easy to clip around a table or chair leg and now your dog has a limited area in the house to roam.  Excellent when you need to give your dog a smaller area without the confines of a gate or crate.  For safety reasons, never leave a dog unsupervised while tethered. 

ThunderShirt Coming Soon!

Cost: $42

ThunderShirts are essentially compression vests for dogs.  Many dogs find the deep pressure of the ThunderShirt calming and relaxing, especially during times of stress such as thunder storms or fireworks.  We've also foung these to be very helpful for many dogs with car anxiety or car sickness.  With velcro collosures to help ensure an appropriate fit, many dogs respond in a near instant positive manner when a ThunderShirt is put on them.  Size Chart

Italian Basket Muzzle

Cost: $25

Muzzles are lifesavers for many dogs.  When properly introduced and conditioned to wearing a muzzle, many dogs who otherwise would be unable to safely experience situations can now be a part of the world.  Basket Muzzles are often a critical and key part of behavior plans for dogs with aggression or bite histories.  These Italian Basket Muzzles are a plastic muzzle basket with leather straps.  They inclued an additional safety removable spacer bar at the front to prevent a dog from getting their teeth to the end of the muzzle.  Size Chart

Busy Buddy Puzzle Toys
Toy Style

Cost: $12-20 depending on toy style

These rubber purple food toys are great for providing enrichment for your dog at meal times.  Each toy style provides different ways to stuff treats and other tasty snacks into them providing your dog with new and fun ways to find their food.

Interactive Puzzle Toys Coming Soon!

Cost: $12-20 depending on toy style

These puzzle toys are designed to be played together with your dog.  Different toy styles offer various levels of mental challenge and difficulty for your dog to puzzle through.  Let your dog's genius shine, you'll be amazed at her problem solving skills!  Video Example of Puzzle Toy Play

Refund Policy:  If you are unsatsfied with your order for any reason, just return your order in original unused condition within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.  Customer pays the cost of return shipping.


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