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Agility Lessons

Photo of Katrin instructing an agility student and her australian shepherd

 At Maplewood Dog Training, we love dog agility!  We love that our clients and their dogs love it too!  Currently we only offer agility instruction through private lessons with Katrin Andberg Hawkins, CBCC-KA, CDBC, 

Katrin has been involved in the sport of canine dog agility (obstacle course) since 1997 and currently competes in the Elite level with her cardigan welsh corgi, Zora.  In 2017 Katrin & Zora earned 3 NATCHes, their Triple Triple and were the Elite Standard Small Dog Champion at NADAC Championships.  Over the years Katrin has been involved in all aspects of the sport from organizing competitions, to traveling the country judging, to teaching foundations through advanced lessons and of course training and competing with her own dogs.  Katrin's primary experience and training has been with NADAC style agility, especially with building solid independent obstacle performance and handling skills at a distance, which are beneficial no matter what venue you compete in AKC, USDAA, CPE and others.  Even more importantly, Katrin stresses how key the relationship between dog and handler is for successfully negotiating any course and works with clients to build trusting, clear, consistent communication with their dog on and off the agility field.   

Katrin has taught hundreds of dog and handler teams over the years of all breeds and kinds.  Tiny chihuahuas to mastiffs and great danes, puppies through adult, and people of all ages.  Whether you are just starting your agility journey with your dog, or you are seeking support with a problem or more advanced skills, Katrin's expertise and skills can help. 

For clients with no prior agility experience or who are seeking foundations instruction we strongly recommend scheduling a series of at least 5 private lessons so that visible progress can be made.  Please understand that as safety is paramount, we will spend a lot of time building confidence, trust and ability to communicate with your dog before introducing your dog to any of the agility obstacles.  And that in order to progress, you will be expected to practice daily homework exercises between lessons with your dog.

About Agility Sessions:

  • All of our in person agility private lessons are done on site outdoors (Weather dependent) in our fully fenced 70x100' training field.  (we also offer agility training support through our on-line private lessons)
  • We require that new clients schedule at min their first lesson as a full 1 hour session.  Follow up sessions may be scheduled as either 30 or 60min lessons dependent to client need and instructor recommendation.  Lessons are generally a combination of active working time for the dog and human, and mental working time for the human (when the dog can rest).
  • We have a complete set of equipment including rubber contact obstacles, 24" spaced weave poles (including a set of 2x2s), jumps (single, wing, double, broad and displaceable tire), tunnels, pause box, hoops, barrels and practice cones.
  • Clients are expected to come prepared to lessons with their dog, appropriate leash or harness (as instructed based on level), toys, high value treats, treat pouch, water and dish, crate (if needed), appropriate footwear (close toed shoes, no flip flops), and clothing to be outdoors in (hat, sunglasses, layered clothing, sunscreen, bug spray, etc)
  • Clients understand that in order to make progress, practicing skills at home between lessons is key.  Rarely is it a requirement that a client have agility obstacles at home (sure having a couple of jumps and set of weave poles is ideal but not absolutely necessary), what is required is that a client be willing to get creative and make time to practice. 
  • Clients may choose to split their lesson time between multiple dogs, or use the entire time with just one dog.  Generally if a client wishes to split the lesson between 2 or more of their dogs, an hour long session is advised.
  • Clients may use an hour lesson as a semi-private if they choose to coordinate their lesson time to be split with a friend or training partner.  Clients are fully responsible for coordinating and managing their schedules and payment.  Katrin is not responsible for setting up or coordinating semi-privates.  Semi-privates may not be scheduled for 30min lessons, only for hour lessons and no more than 3 clients may split any private session.  When booking semi-privates, the main contact client should register and pay in full for the session, then note on their confirmation registration document the name and email of those splitting the session so that the additional persons also may be sent the registration document.


  • 1 hour Agility Private Lesson: $100
  • 30 min Agility Private Lesson: $55
  • Package of 5 1 hour Agility Private Lessons: $475
  • No package pricing for 30 min lessons
  • Lessons are to be paid in full at time of lesson by cash or check
  • Appointments canceled or reschedule with less than 24 hour notice are forfeit

To enroll in On-Site Private Lessons, fill our our Lessons Inquiry Form and email it to us.  We will contact you within 5 business days regarding scheduling and availability.  All appointments to be scheduled for dates within 60 days of purchase. Emails or phone messages inquiring about on-site agility lessons without an accompanying completed Lesson Inquiry Form will not be returned.  

2018 Agility Lesson Schedule:

  • On Site Agility Lessons calendar will run from mid-April to mid-November 2018 (or when it gets too cold to be outside comfortably). 
  • Lesson times will be offered on most Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 1pm-4pm, occasional weekend lesson times from 10a-3pm, and occasional Friday evenings throughout the agility season. 

Katrin & Zora winning their Elite Jumpers class at the New Years 2017 NADAC trial:

Katrin & Zora practicing their distance skills in a qualifying Regular course run in June 2017:

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