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Thinking of adding a new dog or puppy to your family?  Whether you are purchasing a new puppy from a breeder, or adopting a rescue dog, our Adoption Counseling can set your family up for long term success.  Statistics show that many mis-matched adoptions fail within the first 6 months of placement; our service strives to prevent your family that terrible heartache.  Take advantage of our over 18 years of experience helping clients find the perfect match to ensure that you add the right dog to your life. 

Clients are encouraged to download and read our free "Find the Perfect Dog for You" article, as well as view our other valuable and free articles, giving you inside tips on how to find the best match.  We also have an affordable private pay counseling service that includes one on one consultations to help your family find that perfect dog.  We additionally offer in-person professional temperament and behavior evaluations of potential dogs you are considering bringing home.  Many aspects of our Adoption Counseling can be done over the phone or internet and have been successfully offered to clients from out of state or long distance.

At Maplewood Dog Training, we want you, and your new dog, to be successful for life.  Take advantage of our expertise and set yourself up for a life time of happy dog ownership.

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Our consultants have been a key part of many happy adoptions:

photo of Ryan a Vizsla.

"I have worked with Katrin Andberg of Maplewood Dog Training for the past 7 years and in 2007 she helped me pick out my Vizsla puppy, Ryan; more recently she evaluated an adult dog that was given up that I was considering adopting.  During these occasions I have seen that Katrin has the ability to look past the furry coat and brown eyes that most people see and objectively evaluate the temperament of the dog.   She is then able to communicate her findings in an easy to understand format, listing the results of the behavior evaluation, and providing recommendations regarding placement.  Katrin’s goal is to assist individuals and families in finding suitable dogs to add to their families, to help prevent mis-matched dog-family placements and help reduce the potential for dog bites as much as humanly possible in her corner of the world.  Katrin is a passionate advocate for using sound, science-based training techniques for creating a mutually respectful relationship with our dogs." - Lisa Hirtle, Halifax, MA

photo of Irie a cardigan welsh corgi in front of a laptop computer"I started training with Katrin in 2006. As my existing dogs aged I knew I needed to start looking for a puppy, but was very concerned about finding a puppy that met my needs structurally (for performance events like agility and herding), had enough "drive" to be successful in those venues, and still had a solid temperament and would make a great pet first and foremost.

Katrin coached me on developing a list of what I thought were the most important characteristics I wanted in a new dog and what I thought were less important, and how to broach those issues with a breeder.

As I started actively looking for a puppy, I was invited to a local puppy party where the breeder thought she might have the perfect puppy for me. I asked Katrin if she would come with me to assist in the evaluation of the puppy and the litter, as the breeder also wanted someone with an eye for performance to evaluate the pups structurally.

We spent a lot of time with the pups and ultimately decided that the breeder was right, the puppy would be an excellent fit for me. Irie is now 9 months old and she is everything I could have asked for in a working dog. She is so smart, biddable, happy, dog savvy,  a joy to work with, and a fabulous member of my family.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Katrin to someone interested in finding the perfect pet or working companion. Katrin brings a wealth of knowledge regarding canine behavior and structure, as well as years of actively utilizing that knowledge." - Julie Garland, Wrentham, MA


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