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Recommended Reading for Dog Crazy Kids

Photo of one of our young students and his new puppyWe love encouraging the next generation of compassionate, enthusiastic dog trainers!  We have a number of books and on-line resources that are kid friendly and MDT approved!

Coloring & Activity Booklet (downloadable PDF)


Be A Tree Safety Program

Doggone Safe Dog Bite Prevention through Education

Books that can be bought at www.dogwise.com or www.cleanrun.com or www.amazon.com or www.half.com

(in alphabetical order:)

101 Dog Tricks    by Kyra Sundance

A Dog is a Dog, And That's why he's so Special    by Clarice Rutherford

After You Get Your Puppy        by Ian Dunbar   www.dogstartdaily.com (free e-book)

Be a Dog’s Best Friend- a Safety Guide for Kids            by Renee Payne & Jennifer Gladysz

Before You Get Your Puppy      by Ian Dunbar   www.dogstartdaily.com (free e-book) 

Buddy- The First Seeing Eye Dog    by Eva Moore & Don Bolognese

Champion Dog: Prince Tom    by Jean Fritz & Tom Klute

Diary of a Guide Dog    by Brandy

Franka- Story of a Guide Dog    by Walter Johnson

Follow My Leader    by James B. Garfield

Getting in TTouch with Your Dog    by Linda Tellington Jones 

*For Parents: Living with Kids and Dogs- Without Losing your Mind     by Colleen Pelar

Mom, dad, Can We Get a Dog? A Book that teaches Children to Be Safe, Have Fun & How to Be Responsible Dog Owners    by Melania Lavezzi

On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals    by Turid Rugaas            Legacy by Mail

(there is also a DVD/video by this name that is excellent and highly recommended viewing)

Puppy Training for Kids    by Colleen Pelar

The Bravest Dog Ever- The True Story of Balto    by Natalie Standiford & Donald Cook

Tom & Bear- The Training of a Guide Dog Team    by Richard B. McPhee

Shaping Success: The Education of an Unlikely Champion           by Susan Garrett

Tail Talk understanding the secret language of dogs         by Sophie Collins           Chronicle Books


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