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Community Resources

This list is for referral use only.  We make no promises or guarantees to the quality or safety of any facilities, services, products or persons on this referral list.  Use of services or products is at the consumers own risk.  This is not a comprehensive list of services in the local area; we list only resources that we or multiple clients have had 1st hand positive experience with over a period of time.

We encourage all consumers to watch for any adverse behaviors in their dog if using any service provider or product, and to fully interview and observe all facilities and staff interactions before leaving your pet with any provider.

Boarding Kennels:

·         Kozy Kennels                          Mansfield, MA (508) 339-0791           http://www.kozy-kennels.com/

·         Yankee Kennels                      Sharon, MA     owner- Ed Little           (781) 784-5397


Dog Walkers/Pet Sitters:

·         Dogsboro                                Foxboro, MA owner- Trish Mitchell    (617) 869-3840

·         Home Alone Pets                                          owner- Sheree Shepard (508) 954-6163

·         Keith Pourier’s Dog Walking   Mansfield, MA owner- Keith Pourier  (508) 339-2148


Day Care Facilities:

·         Classie Canines                      Easton                                                 www.classiecanines.com

·         The Village Groomer              Walpole                                               www.villagegroomer.net



·         The Dirty Dawg Wash Norwood, MA professional grooming & self-serve dog wash (781) 762-8822

·         Kozy Kennels Mansfield, MA             Head Groomer- Susan Winters (508) 339-0791        http://www.kozy-kennels.com/

·         The Village Groomer Walpole, MA     Head Groomer- Missi Salzberg          (508) 668-9516 www.villagegroomer.net/


Veterinary Hospitals:

·         Animal Health Center                        Walpole, MA                           (508) 660-9956

·         Foxboro Animal Hospital                    Foxboro, MA                           (508) 543 5350

·         Norfolk County Animal                       Walpole, MA                           (508) 668-5088                      

·         Norton Animal Hospital                       Norton, MA                             (508) 285-9822

·         Norwell Veterinary Hospital                Norwell, MA                            (781) 659-4911

·         Sharon Veterinary Clinic                    Sharon, MA                             (781) 784-7554

·         Sterling Impressions Animal Rehabilitation (physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, swimming)                                         Walpole, MA                           (508) 668-7946


Emergency & Specialty Veterinary Hospitals:

·         New England Animal Medical Center            W. Bridgewater                       (508) 580-2515

·         MSPCA/Angell                                    Boston                                     (617) 522-7282

·         Tufts VETS                                         Walpole                                   (508) 668-5454  

·         Tufts Veterinary Behavior Team        Grafton                                    (508) 887-4640

·         VCA South Shore                               Weymouth                              (781) 337-6622


Local Pet Supplies & Food:

·         Coolen’s Pet & Aquarium Supplies Cobbs Corner, Canton, MA       (781) 821-2044

·         Especially for Pets Cobbs Corner, Canton, MA (781) 828-8900       & Medway, MA  (508) 533-0275

·         The Village Groomer Walpole, MA                                                     (508) 668-9516



On-line Pet Supplies, Treats & Food (many of these sources have on-line coupons if you search for them)

·         Best Bully Sticks www.bestbullysticks.com affordable all natural treats & chews

·         Boomerang Tags www.boomrangtags.com we love their collar ID tags, excellent quality & customer support

·         Chewy’s www.chewy.com

·         Clean Run  www.cleanrun.com  dog treats, performance dog supplies (agility), travel gear, Agility magazine

·         DogWise  www.dogwise.com  dog specific books, videos, DVDs

·         Drs Foster & Smith www.drsfostersmith.com

·         General Cage www.generalcage.com their 200 series crates are our favorite durable, long lasting dog crates

·         Gun Dog Supply www.gunddogsupply.com we like their long lines (but do not recommend any shock collars!)

·         Hogan Leather www.hoganleather.com  custom made leather leashes, collars and gear

·         J&J Dog Supply www.jjdog.com  leather leashes, competition obedience, agility, rally & general training gear

·         Kings Wholesale www.kingswholesale.com source for toys, kongs, nylabones, crates & other supplies

·         KV Vet  www.kvvet.com 

·         Kyjen   www.kyjen.com   interactive toys

·         L.L. Bean  www.llbean.com  orthopedic therapeutic dog bed

·         Morrco  www.morrco.com  Italian basket muzzles

·         Pet Edge www.petedge.com  has a store in Bellrica, MA source for crates & grooming supplies

·         Pet Flow www.petflow.com online source for dog food & other supplies

·         Ruff Wear www.ruffwear.com  outdoor dog gear including boots, coats, reflective & cooling wear

·         Saratoga Hose works  http://www.horseworks.com  K-9 Kooling Coat, fantastic for summer outdoor activities


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