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Training & Behavior Articles

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To better serve our clients, our behavior consultants have written, and compiled from other authors, a number of PDF behavior and training articles, handouts, video & audio files. This articles listing is frequently updated, so please check back for new articles.

Video & Audio Files

Kids & Families

New Puppy & Newly Adopted Adult Dog

How to Communicate & Safely Interact with a Dog

Canine Cognition


Obedience & Basic Manners


For further reading, we also have a list of recommended books and websites that many of our clients enjoy and find valuable.

How to Make Successful Behavior Change Possible
Canine Friendships- what dog friendships really look like and how to create them for your pet
Developmental Stages of the Dog
Find the Perfect Dog for You- What you need to know before you bring home a new dog
Facts about E-Devices What's to know about electronic collars and fences
Leash Walking Made Simple
House Breaking
The Power of Genuine Praise in Dog Training
How to get your dog to do anything you ever want or the Premack Principle
How to Prevent and Treat Resource Guarding or The Trade Game
Puppy Socialization List
Puppy Socialization Log
Teaching Your Dog to Come When Called
Teaching Down
Teaching Your Dog to Hand Target or Touch
Teaching a Moving Wait or Stay
Teaching Your Dog to Switch or an Agility Rear Cross
Teaching Your Dog to Happily Wear a Muzzle or Gentle Leader
Teaching Weave Poles with the X-Pen Caged Method
Additional Reading
Reading for Kids

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