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"Our family has been working with Katrin for four years. She has helped train our two golden retrievers and most recently has helped us with some serious behavior issues. Not only was our initial puppy training very effective, and successful, but the support we received after was what mattered most. I could call Katrin anytime with a question and she would offer spot on, perfect advice that worked. When we were facing this most recent issue, Katrin made training time immediately available and was there with support and advice every time I called, sometimes a few times a day. She always listened, supported us and cared. I know she is there for us. That was what mattered most and what made it work." -Trish Mitchell, Foxboro, MA.

Photo of Reece a shepherd x hound mix and successful Maplewood Dog Training behavior client.

"29 days ago, we adopted a dog from Tennessee, sight unseen.  What we knew about her was what had been printed on PetFinder.com and what the foster family told us.  She was described as being good with kids, not liking cats, and having trouble meeting other dogs while on leash.  Indeed, she had been in foster care for 3 years; since every time they took her to an adoption event, she acted so wild that no one would look at her.  Since she physically meet our criteria, and was good with kids, we decided to give her  a chance.

3 days after we got her, we took her to Katrin for an initial behavioral evaluation, which she passed.  She was not dog aggressive, but when on leash didn't know how to greet dogs.  We then went on to 3 weekly private lessons in which Katrin taught us the tools to get her to tolerate other dogs: the importance of the loose leash, praise and treats at the right time, and respecting her comfort zone around other dogs.  She helped us pick up her warning signs that she was focusing on something that she might over-react to.  We have been working with her daily, 20 to 40 minutes plus another 40 minutes of relief walking.

This morning on our walk a dog tied out at "his" back steps charged down the driveway to the end of his tether, growling.  He came within 15 feet of us and Reese did not break heel!  She got a whole inch of string cheese for a job so well done and lots and lots of praise.  We will continue practicing  and next month will start group lessons with Katrin.

Katrin's training has been key to making this a successful adoption, putting a dog that had been given up on, into a forever home.  We are very thankful that it could be ours."  -Jean and Dan Smith, Norwood, MA

"Katrin Andberg Hawkins is a miracle-worker.  In every class session, my dog learns to do something I thought she would never do.  And Katrin doesn't teach her.  She teaches me to teach her.  Her name has become a magic word in my house.  Every time I say "Katrin," my dog jumps up and rushes to the door, squealing with joy to get to another class.

Beyond the magic for my dog, working with Katrin has been an amazing adventure for my own brain.  She is so smart and wise about dogs and people - a perfect mentor for the awesome, two-sided creativity of inter-species communication." - Chris Robb, Sharon, MA

"In a word, Katrin is AMAZING!  We came to her feeling worried, anxious, and frustrated about our dog's behavior. After several private lessons, his behavior improved significantly, and we felt confident and reassured.  We have continued to work with Katrin in her group classes and occasional private lessons when needed.  Most importantly, Katrin taught us how to act in a way that supports what our dog needs.  We can now anticipate problems and work to change behavior before Hudson reaches his threshold.  We have done about 4 group classes as well and we will continue to attend these classes because our dog loves them and we learn so much from each one.  Katrin has an intuitive sense of what each dog needs and she teaches the dog owners how to recognize these needs.  We feel like expert dog owners based on everything we've learned from Katrin. She is an absolute expert!"  - Bonnie & Rich Ricci, Dedham, MA

Susannah a black lab mix puppy

"We adopted Susannah at 4 months old, right after Thanksgiving, and brought her to Maplewood within the first week she was with us. At the time she was overly timid and needed some basic training, such as "come" and "heel." After about four private sessions with Katrin over a couple of months time, Suzie had become more confident and social, learned these basics, and lots more. Katrin also had us work on "Leave it" and several other things, and showed us that you get the dog you deserve, and that we, more so than Suzie were responsible for the way things turn out with her. I highly recommend bringing your puppy or dog to Maplewood for a group class or private sessions." - Scott Ferguson, South Walpole, MA

"My dog Max and I have been working with Katrin for 3 months. Max is reactive to people and dogs.Photo of black and white papillion mix Barks non-stop when he is anxious. Katrin has been a blessing! She is teaching me how to train him in a positive manner. I am amazed at the progress we have made! I  am so proud of Max he has come a long way! I highly recommend Katrin at Maplewood Dog Training. She is very knowledgeable and truly loves dogs." - Debbie Bowes, Whitman, MA

Photo of Brodie a rough collie and Maplewood Dog Training agility student

"Katrin seems to have a sixth when it comes to handling dogs. Her analysis of each dog’s performance and training issues is right on target. She looks at each dog and handler as individuals and gears the training toward their strengths and weaknesses. My dog was terrified of agility contacts like the A-frame and dog walk. He wouldn’t even put his paw on any contact obstacle but with patience and individual help, Katrin had him up and over these obstacles in just a few sessions. I think the contact obstacles are now my dog’s favorite because of Katrin’s positive dog training methods.

My dog also had issues with his hips being out of line, which affected the way he jumped. Katrin noticed it immediately and recommended solutions to his problem. Maplewood Dog Training has been the most effective and enjoyable training I’ve ever had with my dog, building his confidence, as well as my own." -Karen Curley, Mansfield, MA

Photo of Baxter Black a labrador and successful Maplewood Dog Training agility student

"I have been involved with dogs my entire life. First graduating from Norfolk Aggie, then working for Vets and currently running my dog walking business for over 25yrs. - I have never met an individual with Katrin's talents and dedication to understand a dog's issues more completely (physical and mental) than Katrin. To get the best life for each individual dog. She works with the “whole dog” and their humans.  She considers what a dog eats, to where they sleep, and more.

For the past 6 years Katrin has worked with my husband and myself, to harness our very active Lab, Baxter Blacks’ endless energy. Always in an amazingly professional, patient and kind manner.  With a huge emphasis on safety, which was key for me.  I was very nervous about even trying agility, but done with Katrin's knowledge and focus on safety- I am crazy glad we tried it. Baxter LOVES it, though we do not compete, we could, because of Katrin's pro training. It is awesome to keep Baxter's huge brain and athletic body in shape.  Not to mention FUN. My husband will even volunteer to come to class when football games are on!

Katrin is truly one of a kind and I would not waste my time on any other trainer!  I highly recommend Katrin's training to everyone I meet."  -Sandy Balfe, Wrentham, MA

Lily a bernese mountain dog and successful Maplewood Dog Training puppy smart start graduate

"We just completed the Puppy Smart Start class at Maplewood Dog Training with Katrin, and had a great experience.  Our puppy learned some important lessons in basic manners including how to come when called reliably, how to walk on a leash, and the polite way to meet and greet other dogs and their owners.  Katrin was an excellent teacher for both humans and dogs alike! She had an amazing amount of knowledge and experience which she shared generously.  The class was small which gave our puppy (and us) lots of individual attention.  Thanks so much for a great start, Katrin, we are looking forward to the next class!"   -Laurie and Ray Wallace, Sharon MA.

Photo of Ginger a silky terrier and successful Maplewood Dog Training agility student in a tunnel

"I have known Katrin for about  8 yrs now.  Over that time she has helped  me with the training of my  two Silky Terriers, a Toy Poodle and a Mini Poodle.   We have trained with Katrin in agility and some obedience.  My dogs  all  have different personalities and Katrin seems to know just what each dog needs to excel in whatever they are  training in.  Her classes are fun for both  dog and handler with lots of positive reinforcement.  What I really have appreciated is Katrin really cares about all the dogs she works with and works hard with their handlers to make training fun and rewarding.  Thank you Katrin!" - Marie McDermot, Wrentham, MA.

"I came to Katrin for private basic training with my Westie, a breed of dog, which is known to be stubborn, determined, but also loving and loyal.  Katrin’s expertise with training dogs is vast, as she explains techniques, which work with each dog’s personality.  The training isn’t one size fits all.  When she helped to solve the problem of my dog chasing and biting at my feet, I realized what common sense the advice was, but I hadn’t thought of it.  Years of experience with dogs, has given her a dog’s perspective on the world and she is able to translate that information to dog owners, so they will feel confident with their dog.  Also, Katrin goes a step further than most trainers, she writes down the specific goals and steps you worked on during the session, so when you start working on the technique at home, you have the information at hand.  Katrin loves what she is doing and has a definite “gift” working with dogs and owners, teaching them the skills, so they can happily co-exist."  -Jan Price, Franklin, MA 

“Katrin was very helpful in teaching and demonstrating specific training techniques for my dog Enzo – but most importantly, Katrin helped me understand that consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement are essential for successful dog (and owner) training”. -Alison Frisbie, Plympton, MA

If you are a past, or present, Maplewood Dog Training student and would like to add a testimonial, please email us.

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