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Tom black dog in guide harness stopped waiting for cue

Tom is a labrador retriever x golden retriever cross bred, raised and trained as a guide dog through the Guide Dog Foundation in Smithfield, NY.  Katrin and Tom were partnered together in 2011 when Tom was 19 months old.  With a neurological condition that restricts field of vision, Tom's guiding and skill is an integral part of Katrin's life and independence.  Tom can be found guiding in harness on street walks, wooded trails, rocky inclines, trains and everywhere else that life takes us.  When he's not working Tom can be found getting petted.  Endlessly.  He would forgo a treat if it was a choice between a snack and being petted.  He loves his scritches that much. 


Zora is a black and white cardigan welsh corgi who joined our family in January 2015 at the age of 5 months.  A wonderful gift to us from her breeder who is a good friend of Katrin's, she is a wonderful addition to our family and life.  Being a corgi, Zora is content to be a snuggly adorable couch dog only once her exercise needs have been adequately met, so she's a huge part of the reason we're motivated to get out the door every day for a good long walk.  An exercised corgi is a happy, snuggly (and quiet!) corgi.  Zora also loves and excells at agility.  In 2016 after competing at the Elite level only since September 2016, she was in the Top 10 for cardigans in NADAC yearly standings, and in 2017 completed her 1st & 2nd NADAC Agility Trial Champion (NATCH) titles, her 1st Versatility NATCH and was the winner of the Elite Standard Small Dog division at 2017 NADAC Championships.

Video of Katrin & Zora competing in agility


The Squawk Box Gang

Our lives are also home to a small flock of Magpie Ducks.  The ducks joined our life as day old ducklings at the end of March 2016.  They have since grown into a gorgeous group of lovely birds.  Magpie Ducks are a heritage breed of duck listed on the Livestock Conservency list at threatened status.  Chosen for their stable social temperament, egg laying ability, size, and herdability (Zora is a herding dog after all), these ducks are definately the right breed for our life.  Their gorgeous black and white markings are an added bonus!   

group of 6 magpie ducks walking on the deck



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